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For ALL of your Metaphysical Needs

The Dragon’s Mantle is a close-knit, metaphysical, pagan & wiccan shop, offering everything you may require for your spiritual journey.​ The Dragon’s Mantle initially came into being in 2010 as a Custom Costume Design business, specializing in Period Era Garb, Halloween Costuming, and Ritual wear. Since 2014 The Dragon’s Mantle expanded into what it is today and now carry all your Metaphysical, Pagan, Magical, and Spiritual Supplies: 

  • Candles & accessories 

  • Jewelry

  • Figurines & statuary

  • 250+ herbs for culinary and magical use 

  • Incense & accessories 

  • Books & journals

  • 150+ essential oils & custom blends

  • Gemstones

  • Altar tools and supplies 

  • Tarot, Oracle & other divination systems

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